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I Was Finally Free From Diabetes Type 2

Posted at November 8th, 2022 | Categorised in Diabetes

The first thing I did after hearing the news was go see my grandson Lucas.

He looked worried as I kneeled down to speak to him. As if he remembered when the doctor was discussing my leg amputation.

Grandpa is better now. I told him, smiling.

We can go play together as much as you want.

Seeing the biggest, happiest smile break out on his face was the best moment of my entire life. He jumped up and hugged me, giggling with joy.

I love you Grandpa. He said.

I felt like a million dollars at that moment.

And I’m embarrassed to admit, I burst into tears.

The emotions were too much.

The little guy was too young to understand that it was all thanks to him.

3 months later I had a checkup and I was as healthy as I’d been since my twenties.

I’d lost a total of 42 pounds. I was overflowing with energy.

My health markers were all in the optimal range. I felt great.

A few weeks later we attended Julian and Noriko’s wedding. I felt as proud as any father could feel that day.

At the wedding as we ate cake I talked with my wife about our exciting plans now I’d reversed my diabetes.

Do you know what our wonderful grandson just said to me? I said…


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